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Alan12/15/2010 9:06:21 AM
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Kottakunnu literally means a " hill with a fort". It is the landmark of Malappuram town and is located within the town.We can see the entire Malappuram town from its top. Also the remnants of an old fort can also be seen. It is the highest point in the town and there are almost 100 steps to climb atop the hill.It is fast developing into a major tourist attraction with a theme park with water and dry rides. Its also a place for the locals to spend their evenings.People also use this spot for their morning walks and jogging.Kottakunnu also has a helipad and a large ground.
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Kottakunnu is centrally located quite near the KSRTC terminal. To reach atop the hill, there are a flight of steps. Manjeri is 12 kilometre and Calicut is 25 kilometres away from this spot.
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